International Labs

International Research Laboratory for Arctic Seas Carbon

Research areas

  • geochemical studies of natural hydrocarbons and clarification of their sources
  • lithological and petrographic study of rocks and bottom sediments
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical elements in rock samples

International Research Laboratory for Technologies of Senior Citizens Well-Being Improvement

Research areas

  • factors and conditions ensuring continuous well-being of senior citizens
  • conceptual view of nature and elements for measuring economic, social and emotional well-being of senior citizens
  • development of technologies facilitating integration of senior citizens into social interactions and improvement of their well-being

International Research Laboratory for X-Ray Optics

Research areas

  • development of new and more sensitive and universal methods of using ionizing radiation for quantitative research in various fields of science and technology
  • tomography of medical and biological objects
  • determination of actual structures of perfect/imperfect crystals and nanosystems, elements of micro- and nanoelectronics
  • express analysis of geological samples

International Research Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing

Research areas

  • development of fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of non-destructive testing;
  • the material scientific and technical base creation and improvement for the development of new methods of control, and diagnostics on the basis of corporate or purchased latest equipment;
  • the modern methods development of quantitative control, unique equipment, and software and hardware systems for the leading sectors of the national economy;
  • attraction of foreign scientists, scientific groups, as well as production teams for joint research;
  • achieving the status of a recognized expert laboratory in the field of applied engineering;
  • involvement in the laboratory work of young scientists, specialists, students and undergraduates (including foreign ones).

Research Laboratory for Processing and Analysis of Big Data

Research areas

  • development of new approaches in analysis and processing of big data
  • integration of smart methods and research-and-analysis tools of big data
  • the core element of the project is the development of software for storing, processing, accessing, analyzing and visualizing big data for science and industry

Russian-Chinese Research Laboratory for Radiation Control

Research areas

  • fundamental and applied scientific research in the fields of radiation control and inspection
  • participation and organization of joint research projects and joint fundraising through international and national grant and research funding programs. Networking with business and industrial partners
  • presentation of research and R&D results at national and international conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, scientific and technical councils, and others
  • publication of main research and R&D results in the major academic papers and journals
  • organization of international consortiums for  implementing large-scale research projects
  • organization and involvement of young researchers and gifted students in research projects

Research Laboratory for Hydrogeochemistry