TPU is the 2ndtechnical and technological university 

among148Russian institutions of higher education

TPU is a member of12 international organizations and the


Russian university admitted to CESAER and CLUSTER

TPU cooperates with130 partner universities

in30 countries worldwide


31academic buildings

with the total floor area of

197,350square kilometres

22,800students study at TPU,


12%of them come from outside the Russian Federation

More than130monographs are written at TPU each year, 

of them are published abroad

News & events

In September Tomsk Polytechnic University will participate in a large-scale international event.
Students of the Institute of Cybernetics of Tomsk Polytechnic University, who invented the “smart” container for heating food, man
The Institute of Power Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University has won a major grant from Russian Science Foundation (RNF) to
Tomsk Polytechnic University to Host Representatives of Asian Network of Major Cities 21 21 August
TPU’s Students to Release Containers for Heating Food by SMS 20 August
Polytechnics to Develop Firefighting Technology With Minimal Water Consumption 19 August