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Prof. Sergei N. Kharlamov

Head of the Laboratory, DcS

 +7 (3822) 70-17-79




The Laboratory was established for carrying out fundamental and applied research projects in the areas of fluid and gas dynamics, heat and mass transfer for the needs of Russia's industries. One of the cornerstones of the library is the development of international scientific ties, openness, and information exchange.

  • Theory of equations of mathematical physics, mechanics of heterogeneous medium and turbulence
  • Computing fluid and gas dynamics
  • Integrated physical and mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer in internal systems and their applications in petroleum industry, heat-power engineering, and mechanical engineering
Main tasks
  • Development of efficient methods for predicting shear flows with effects of non-stationarity, non-isothermality, detachment and attachment of a flow to the walls
  • Remanarization both under influence of spatial and thermal deformation of the flow, caused by intense heating and acceleration of the working medium and by introducing additives into the flow causing reduction in the level of its fluctuations
  • influence of the forces of mass (gravity) and inertia (vortex of flow) and chemical reactions on the local structure and integral parameters (friction and heat transfer) to walls of pipeline systems

International Partners
  • University of Minneapolis (USA)
  • TSI Incorporated, Shoreview (USA)
  • La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
  • Italian Aerospace Research Center, Capua (Italy)
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Institute of the University of Miskolc (Hungary)
  • University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
  • Promete S.r.I. INFM spin off company, Naples (Italy)
  • Institute of Energy-Efficient Systems of International Association of Thermoenergetic Companies (Ukraine)
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