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The laboratory was founded to develop fundamental and applied research and advanced education in the areas of both physical and non-physical quantities, allowing specialists to push envelopes as both members of research and academic staff members. The laboratory pays particular attention to research networking and cooperation with international research organizations.

Sergei Muravyev

Head of Laboratory

Office 208в, Building № 10 (2, Lenina Avenue, Tomsk)

+7 (3822) 701777 ext 2776


The laboratory is actively cooperating with the technical committees of the International Confederation of Measurements (IMEKO), including TC1 (education in the field of measurements), TC7 (measurement theory), TC24 (chemical measurements). Along with this, the laboratory collaborates with D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology and with a recognized manufacturer of modern measurement platforms - National Instruments (USA).

The main areas of research interests:

  • Integration of interval data of multisensors (nodes of wireless sensor networks) through approval voting methods;
  • Processing of data interlaboratory and key comparisons based on the preference aggregation
  • Dynamic behavior of high-current converters (on the example of coaxial shunts)
  • Analysis of substance microquantities based on the colorimetric characteristics of optical transparent polymeric sensors
  • Ferro probe sensors for measuring weak magnetic fields
  • Software graphic measurement technologies
  • Generation, digital and analog processing of measuring signals
  • Metrological provision of sensory systems

In the recent years, there has been presented ten PhD and four DoS thesis. The total amount of grant funding is about 40 mln. Rubles. The most of the papers, prepared by the laboratory members, are published in Q1 and Q2 journals. Additionally, the laboratory team members regularly present their reports at conferences of the IMEKO.

Scientific areas of the laboratory members publications:

  • Instruments and methods of measurement (measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities)
  • Instruments and methods for monitoring the environment, substances, materials, and products
  • System analysis, data management and processing in various industries
  • Mathematical and software of computers and computer networks
  • Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes

The titles R&D projects, performed by the laboratories:

  • Analysis of natural and artificial objects for the content of hazardous substances based on polymer optics mobile colorimetric express. Terms of implementation: 2014 – 2016. The title of the funding organization: Russian Science Foundation. Project 14-19-00926.
  • Methods for increasing the accuracy of industrial robotic complexes. Terms of implementation: 2017-2019. The title of the funding organization: the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Project 5760.2017/БЧ.
  • Preference Aggregation for Solving Problems of Processing Multidimensional Heteroscedastic Measurement Data. Terms of implementation: 2018 – 2020. The title of the funding organization: Russian Science Foundation. Project 18-19-00203.
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