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Laboratory name
Research areas
Partner countries
Photon International Research Laboratory
  • electromagnetic radiation in crystals
  • search for new sources of monochromatic radiation
  • interaction of high-intensity beams of charged particles with solid targets
  • development of modern tools for nonperturbing diagnostics of accelerated beams of charged particles
Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Armenia, Italy
International Research Laboratory for Hydrogen Energy Technologies
  • materials science for hydrogen and nuclear energy industries
Germany, Spain
Research Laboratory for Hydrogeochemistry

USA, France,
China, Mongolia
Russian-Chinese Research Laboratory for Radiation Control

International Research Laboratory for Non-Destructive Testing

Brazil, Germany
Research Laboratory for Processing and Analysis of Big Data

USA, Switzerland
Research Laboratory for Control Systems, Automation and Energy Efficiency of High-Tech Industries and Fuel & Energy Complex

Finland, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, United States, Kazakhstan
International Research Laboratory for X-Ray Optics
  • development of new and more sensitive and universal methods of using ionizing radiation for quantitative research in various fields of science and technology
  • tomography of medical and biological objects
  • determination of actual structures of perfect/imperfect crystals and nanosystems, elements of micro- and nanoelectronics
  • express analysis of geological samples
International Research Laboratory for Technologies of Senior Citizens Well-Being Improvement
  • factors and conditions ensuring continuous well-being of senior citizens
  • conceptual view of nature and elements for measuring economic, social and emotional well-being of senior citizens
  • development of technologies facilitating integration of senior citizens into social interactions and improvement of their well-being
International Research Laboratory for Arctic Seas Carbon
  • geochemical studies of natural hydrocarbons and clarification of their sources
  • lithological and petrographic study of rocks and bottom sediments
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical elements in rock samples
Sweden, USA

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