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Lab Name
Research Areas
Partner Countries
«Photon» International Research Lab 
  • Electromagnetic radiation in crystals
  • Search for new sources of monochromatic radiation
  • Interaction of high-intensity beams of charged particles with solid targets
  • Development of modern diagnostic nonperturbing accelerated beams of charged particles
Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Armenia, Italy
Oil and Gas Hydrodynamics and Heat Exchange International Research Lab

  • The theory of equations of mathematical physics, mechanics of heterogeneous surroundings and turbulence
  • Computing hydraulic gas dynamics
  • Integrated physical and mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer and internal systems and their applications in the oil and gas industry, thermal power generation and mechanical engineering
Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, USA
Hydrogen Energetics International Research Lab
  • Material science for hydrogen and nuclear engineering
Germany, Spain
Nanotechnologies in Organic Materials Processing International Lab
  • Fundamental and applied research in the field of nano-composite oxide and zeolite catalysts and adsorbents
  • Development of technologies for processing of various kinds of hydrocarbons into lower olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons, motor fuels and other products
Mathematical Physics International Lab
  • Physics of fundamental interactions of elementary particles
  • Supersymmetric model of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory
  • The theory of higher-spin fields
  • Study of scalar mesons photoproduction in the intermediate energy
  • Development of new methods for integrating the nonlinear equations of mathematical physics
Germany, Italy
Prospective Measurements International Lab
  • Methods and algorithms for measuring the properties of complex objects
  • Hardware, firmware and metrological provision of computer measuring systems
Finland, Canada, Hungary, Singapore,
US, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
International Lab for Geochemical Environmental Research
  • Geochemistry of natural objects
  • Evolution of the geochemical composition under anthropogenic influences
France, Mongolia, China, Germany, Kazakhstan
Groundwater Geochemistry International Lab
  • Geochemistry of natural waters of different composition from fresh to strong brine
USA, France,
China, Mongolia

Energy and Chemical Synthesis International Lab
  • Development of physical, chemical and technological bases of the synthesis of nitrides of 3-4 teams in the air
  • Development of nitride-based composites with ceramic and metal matrices
  • Development of molecular hydrogen generators based «nanoaluminum-water» systems
Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, South Korea
Tomsk Open Laboratory for Material Inspection
  • Quantitative ultrasonic testing
  • Electromagnetic testing methods
  • X-ray tomography
  • Positron source development with adjustable beam energy
  • Hydrogen Materials
Thermosetting Polymers International Lab
  • Development of new generation methods of polymeric materials synthesis
  • Study of the structure, physical and chemical properties of polymers
  • Study of polymer processing methods
  • Study of basic organic synthesis processes
X-Ray Optics International Lab
  • Development of new, more sensitive and versatile methods for the use of X-rays for quantitative research in various fields of science and technology
  • Medical and biological objects tomography
  • Determination of actual structures of perfect/imperfect crystals and nanosystems, elements of micro- and nanoelectronics
  • Express analysis of geological samples
International Research Lab for the Improvement of Wellbeing Technologies of Older Adults
  • Factors and conditions to ensure the continuous wellbeing of older people
  • Conceptual understanding of the nature and components of of economic, social, and emotional well-being of older people
  • Development of technologies that contribute to the integration of older people in social interaction and improving their wellbeing
Arctic Sea's Carbon Research International Lab
  • Geochemical studies of natural hydrocarbons and refinement of their sources
  • Lithological and petrographic study of rocks and bottom sediments
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical elements in rock samples
Sweden, USA
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