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Complex Research of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

Tomsk Polytechnic University is a world’s leading scientific center for the study of the Arctic. A great collaboration of 15 leading universities and educational institutions of the world was created at the premises of Arctic Sea's Carbon Research Internatonal Lab.

Space Materials Science

Tomsk Polytechnic University creates resource-efficient technologies and materials for space industry. Cooperating with leading space corporations in Russia and abroad TPU has become one of the most important research centers in the field.

Big Data Technology

Big Data technology was designed specifically for processing large and constantly growing amounts of data that is very important and strategic task nowadays. In 2015 Big Data Lab was opened at TPU for the purpose of processing huge amounts of experimental data in various research fields.

Special People

TPU carries out research in the field of social engineering of ecological engineering and ecological culture in order to diagnose and model socially significant resource saving technologies of society development. Educational, scientific and innovative network projects implemented by TPU integrate social and and technical areas.

Unconventional Natural Resources

By 2040, approximately 16% of fluid hydrocarbons will be produced from unconventional reserves. In response, new resource-efficient approaches to exploration and production of hydrocarbons and to water conditioning and treatment are developed at TPU.

Robotics and Distributed Object Management

The most successful projects in the world are moving towards the «fourth industrial revolution» by refusing manual labor in routine operations and creating conditions for human-robot interaction. In Tomsk Polytechnic University there is a wide range of research projects in robotics and automation.

Industrial Tomography and Non-Destructive Testing

In 2010 the Institute of Non-destructive Testing opened doors at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Empirical nature of the research requires a strong supporting network – the Institute operates ten labs as well as five testing, control and research centers. 

Clean Water

In the twentieth century the consumption of fresh water has increased seven times, including at the municipal and drinking water - 13 times. According to the UN, about one-third of the world's population lives in countries suffering from a lack of clean water. That's why TPU scientists are concerned about water purification, developing innovative unique technologies.


In 2015 TPU won the RF Ministry of Education and Science award as one of the most «lean» universities in the country achieved one of the best result on energy efficiency enhancement and energy savings. The most important task now is development of technologies for gasification and the solid fuel ignition and liquefying of gaseous fuels.

Nuclear Technology for Medicine

Development of nuclear medicine for early diagnostics and treatment of cancer and hi-tech medical inclusion of wider population is of great social importance. Therefore, in 2015 TPU and Siberian State Medical University launched joint Master Program in Nuclear Medicine.

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