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The University has an excellent research program. Our school receives over 120 patents annually, and we rank second among Russian universities in number of supported patents. Our full-time research and teaching faculty numbers 2,058 people, including 22 active and corresponding members of state academies of sciences, and 1,481 PhDs. Further, we bring industry professionals as well as faculty from teaching and research schools to enhance quality of instruction and classroom discussion.

If you are interested in joining our research team, follow the steps outlined below:

  STEP 1. 

Choose project and research supervisor at  TPU Human Resources

  STEP 2. 

Fill out the application form

  STEP 3. 

Submit application to: hr@tpu.ru

  STEP 4. 

Prepare for the interview

  STEP 5. 

Wait for letter of admission after the interview

Requirements for research and teaching personnel and management:

  • Academic degree, including PhD degree from top accredited Russian and international universities
  • Work experience or regular professional training at research universities or high-tech companies
  • Russian language fluency sufficient to communicate on research-related topics, publish in research journals and teach at undergraduate level  
  • Applicants for executive positions need to provide evidence of successful project management

«We were the first school to offer a postdoctoral research program in the Russian market. Beyond all doubt, postdoctoral fellowship should be one of our top priorities».

— Professor Petr S. Chubik, TPU Rector.

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