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Tourist Club «Amazonki»

The tourist club «Amazonki» has existed in TPU since 1971. The club is actively developing, every year it enrolles more and more students. Club members are engaged in all kinds of active tourism: water, hiking, mountain, speleo, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing. All club members are provided with necessary equipment. 

 Dormitory №16, 46 Vershinina Street, ground floor


 club website

Mountaineering Club «Ariadna»

Club «Ariadna» was founded in 1973. Main areas of activity: alpinism, rock and ice climbing. Moreover, members have an opportunity to practice speleology, tourism, cycling, alpine skiing, snowboarding, slacklining and many other sports.

Dormitory №16, 46 Vershinina Street, ground floor



Speleology Club «Aida-Argo»

Members of the club participate in the exercise cruises, rallies, and competitions. «Aida-Argo» is specialized in caving. Also in the club you can practice climbing and other types of tourism.

Dormitory №5, Office 102, 18 Pirogova Street

 Climbing Gym, Building 9, 4 A. Ivanova Street

Sports Club «Polytechnic» 

«Polytechnic» is an organizer of university sports meetings and tournaments. In the club students and staff can get current information about ongoing sporting events and their outcomes.

Engineering Club «Polytechnic»

The club was founded in 1994. In the club, TPU students and staff can acquire additional technical knowledge, car care skills and strengthen health. Engineering Club «Polytechnic» includes Diving Club «Afalina», Hang-Glider Club «Orion», and Automobile Club «Vikhur».


 Office 308, Building 8, 7 Usova Street


Diving Club «Afalina»

TPU Diving Club «Afalina» is 57 years old. The club has trained more than 3,000 divers, 200 instructors, 30 scuba-divers, many students of the club are candidates and masters of sports. «Afalina» is one of diver training centers of the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS). Graduates receive international documents confirming their open water diving competence. Certificates are valid indefinitely and anywhere in the world.

Hang-Glider Club «Orion»

For over 40 years the club is training hang-gliders and paragliders. Traditionally, the club members are introduced to aviation sports and acquire practical skills of piloting at the training base located near Tomsk. «Orion» athletes regularly take part in regional, national and international competitions. The club membership is available not only for students and staff of the University but also for all Tomsk citizens.

 42 Uchebnaya Street, Entrance 1


 club website

Automobile Club «Vikhur» 

The club was founded in 1983. «Vikhur» provides training in motor-vehicle construction, car care skills and driving in extreme conditions. Club members organize annual competitions for students and university staff and participate in various events: road and rallycross, speed maneuvering, both in Tomsk and beyond. 

 55 Belinskogo Street (TPU Library garage)

 +7(913)855-21-03, +7(923)407-97-47

Dance Club «Diamant»

The priority area of the dance club is competitive ballroom dancing. For over three years in the club there is «Dance School» for all those who want to dance just for fun, enjoying music and communicating with friends. Highly qualified teachers train not only students and staff of TPU, but also all Tomsk citizens.

 Office 303, Building 8, 7 Usova Street

 +7(3822) 56-44-16


 club website

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