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Tomsk Polytechnic University has a solid history of international collaboration, this experience allows the University to actively develop business relations with international companies and academic institutions. Currently, the University provides services and product for more than 30 business partners around the globe. Mostly it is R&D services and high-tech equipment. In case you are interested in academic or business collaboration with the University you may consult with the International Communications Office (general terms of collaboration) and Foreign-Economic Activity Office. You can receive detailed information about the University products on the site of the University Engineering Projects and Patents or you can visit our R&D Center, where you can find information about engineering projects and services, or pages of our R&D Laboratories and Institutes. We will be glad to provide you with the necessary information. 

CompaniesAreas of collaboration
Bildau & Bussmann North America GmbH (Germany)
  • Development of a plug-in based on the existing Web-based platform allowing customers to draw necessary changes in the ordered products
Technische Universitat Braunschweig (Germany)
  • Sulfur compounds in astrochemistry and astrobiology: laboratory and theoretical studies
Smiths Heimann GmbH (Germany)
  • Manufacturing of high-voltage injection units with an accelerating chamber
  • High-voltage injection unit with accelerator chamber for the device of non-destructive control (compact accelerator)
I-Deal Technologies GmbH (Germany)
  • Development of software for an ultrasonic testing system
Blucher GmbH (Germany)
  • Development of methods for obtaining high-purity iron oxide, iron trichloride and metallic iron from pyrite cinder
Tose'e Sorosh Saman Co., Ltd (Japan)
  • Development, manufacturing, tuning, and shipping of a source of microwave radiation with a virtual cathode and personnel training and consulting services
Green Future Research Co., Ltd (Japan)
  • Development, manufacturing, and delivery of a pulsed electronic accelerator

  • Development, manufacturing, and delivery of laboratory equipment for generation of microwave pulses

ITAC Ltd., Group of ShinMaywa Industries (Japan)
  • Providing services in repair, registration of documents, and delivery of a power supply for magnetrons
ITAC Ltd (Japan)
  • Development of a program for simulating substrates heating by radiation from hot filaments and contact with hot gas
NISSAN (Japan)
  • Studies of low-temperature compaction of a powder body
JME Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Manufacturing betatron emitters
Instauro Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Manufacture and supply of the betatrons SEA-7
Schlumberger Technology Corporation (USA)
  • Joint research processes of discharge-mechanical drilling at a pressure of 1000 psi
Potomac Electric Corporation (USA)
  • Development of software for installation in a frequency converter and control of a synchronous motor with magnets on the rotor

GT Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd (China)

  • Processing of silicon in the form of neutron doping
Xi' an Yuanfar International Trade Company (China)
  • Development, manufacturing, and delivery of accelerator elements for generation of electron beams
PowerScan Company Ltd (China)
  • Research work on expansion of thickness range for the dual energy algorithm for use in cargo and transport inspection systems.
  • Research work on dual energy algorithm for material recognition and betatron technologies to increase work efficiency in the field of transport truck systems
  • Manufacture and delivery of betatrons 7.5 / 4 MeV
Wuhan Ircen Technology Co., Ltd (China)
  • Development and delivery of equipment for obtaining high-power microwave pulses of nano-picosecond duration
United Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd (China)
  • Manufacture and delivery of betatrons 7.5 / 4 MeV
Beijing Tianhua International Co., Ltd (China)
  • Development and manufacture of the magnetic pulse generator
    Development, manufacture, and delivery of a diode system
Ceiec Tianjin International (China)
  • Processing of silicon ingots in the form of neutron alloying
V. J. Technologies Inc. (China/USA)
  • Producing and delivery of Betatron МИБ-7.5

SwissGeoPower AG (Switzerland)

  • Supply and preliminary testing of the surface pulse generator
Unodrill AS (Norway)
  • Electric discharge drilling
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India)
  • Design and development of frequency-pulse magnetic components for a linear induction accelerator
Pan Asiatic Technologies Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia)
  • Manufacture and delivery of betatrons 7.5 / 4 MeV according to specification
CNyN -UNAM (Mexico)
  • Synthesis and study of catalytically and biologically active systems based on metal nanoparticles
International Technologies for High Pulsed Power (France)
  • Laboratory equipment for the generation of microwave pulses
UNID Co., Ltd (South Korea)
  • Development of the chemical process regulation and feasibility study for the development of titanium dioxide production
  • Conducting research on the synthesis
National Laboratory Astana (Kazakhstan)
  • Supply of powerful pulse ion accelerators
Dragon Oil Ltd (Turkmenistan)
  • Development of an academic program

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