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In the modern world, nuclear technology is actively used in a number of scientific and industrial areas, such as nuclear power engineering, nuclear medicine, aerospace and chemical industries, and many others. Above all, the research centers all around the world demand for qualified nuclear engineers and research. This program was designed in accordance with these new requirements and in close collaboration with industrial partners, acting nuclear power plants, and research centers. Thus, it is a precisely balanced academic program, providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills in nuclear technology.

Degree title                           Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Physics and Technology
Duration4 academic years
Application deadline10.08 (fall semester)
Contact for application issues

International Admission Office (preferably)

E-mail: omrs@tpu.ru

Tel: +7 (3822) 60-64-76

Online Application

Program contacts:

Division for Nuclear-Fuel Cycle

Learning output

After graduation students will be able to:

  • apply fundamental laws of natural sciences, physical and mathematical apparatus, methods of mathematical analysis and modeling for solving problems in the field of nuclear technology
  • apply advanced research equipment for creating and implementing nuclear technology
  • participate in designing and engineering activities, design and develop functional and structural elements of equipment and assemblies of experimental and industrial electrophysical devices
  • know general managerial structure of complex facilities like nuclear power plants to understand their personal role and responsibilities
  • know general managerial structure of complex facilities like chemical plants to understand their personal role and responsibilities
  • conduct managerial activities with small groups
  • know safety engineering in the nuclear energy production industry


Along with the core curriculum, the program includes five specializations, each with its own particular subjects:

Nuclear Reactors and Power Plants

  • Materials of Nuclear Reactors
  • Physical Calculation of Nuclear Reactor
  • Dynamics and Safety of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Physical-Energy Installations
  • Physical, Technical and Legal Basis for Handling Radioactive Waste
  • Professional English


Safety and Non-proliferation of Nuclear Materials

  • Fundamentals of Safety and Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Materials
  • Physical and Chemical Methods for Analyzing Nuclear Materials
  • Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities
  • Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials
  • Physical, Technical and Legal Basis for Handling Radioactive Waste
  • Professional English


Radiation Safety of the Man and the Environment

  • Biological Fundamentals of Radiation Safety
  • Physics of Protection. Vol 1.
  • Physics of Protection. Vol 2.
  • Dosimetric Control for Staff and Population
  • Dosimetric and Radiometric Instruments and Devices
  • Professional English


Physics of Kinetic Phenomena

  • Methods of Separation and Purification of Substances
  • Theory of Cascades for Separation of Two-Component Isotope Mixtures
  • Kinetics of Physical and Chemical Phenomena and Processes
  • Ion-Exchange Technologies
  • Theory of Gas Centrifuges
  • Professional English


Beam and Plasma Technologies

  • Vacuum Equipment for Plasma and Accelerator Systems
  • Gas Discharge Physics and Plasma Sources
  • Surface Physics and Thin Films
  • Interaction of Radiation and Plasma with Matter
  • Plasma Technologies in Biology and Medicine
  • Professional English

Areas of expertise and employment

After graduation, our students will have all necessary knowledge and skills to work at facilities of nuclear and space industries, chemical and medical industries, electric power industry, and research centers as researchers, field specialists or managerial staff members.


For example, our graduates work in the following organizations:

  • Research Institute of Atomic Reactors
  • State Research Center - Institute for High Energy Physics
  • JSC Atomtechenergo
  • P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
  • SRC Kurchatov Institute
  • Research Center - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
  • All Russian nuclear power plants

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