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The program is aimed to train highly-qualified specialists for designing and development of technologies using beam, plasma, electrochemical, and other methods of material processing. The following knowledge and skills should ensure all stages of the life cycle of new competitive products, including nanostructured and nano-sized ones.

The program will equip students and will allow them to work as field engineers, able to operate high-tech production equipment, and as experts who can conduct R&D and optimization activities.

Degree title                           Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Duration4 academic years
Application deadline10.08 (fall semester)
Contact for application issues

International Admission Office (preferably)

E-mail: omrs@tpu.ru

Tel: +7 (3822) 60-64-76

Online Application

Program contacts:

Division for Materials Sciences

Division for Electronic Engineering

Learning output

The present program equips students will all necessary knowledge and skill to:

  • design engineering products (machine, mechanism, tool, etc.) in accordance with technological, design, operational, aesthetic, and other parameters;
  • develop new effective manufacturing technologies for engineering industries
  • conduct modernization and automation of production and technological processes 
  • comprehensively understand the new technologies and equipment for the automated manufacturing
  • control the production process (production site level)
  • manage a unit or enterprise engaged in the development and production of engineering products
  • conduct research work on the creation of new effective methods for processing machine parts, industrial equipment, and high-performance tools


The program includes the following subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Materials
  • Strength of Materials
  • Technological Processes in Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Metrology and Interchangeability
  • Fundamentals of engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Automation of Mechanical Engineering Production
  • Design and Production of Cutting Tools and Other Tooling
  • Study of Cutting Process
  • Automated Design of Mechanical Engineering Products and their Production Technologies
  • Beam, Plasma, Electrochemical and Other Methods of Material Processing
  • Advanced Course of Mechanical Engineering

  • CAD-CAM Systems

  • Metalworking Equipment

  • Technology of Automated Production

  • Theoretical Foundations and Technology of Coating with Special Properties

  • Technological Equipment

  • Physical and Chemical Bases of Development and Production of Composite Materials

  • Special Methods of Hardening Parts

  • Physical Phenomena in Modern Technologies

  • and others

Areas of expertise and employment

The graduates of the following Bachelor degree program will be able work as:

  • Process engineer of metal pressure processing
  • Rationalization and invention engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Design engineer or technologist
  • Head of Operations and Maintenance Office


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