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The program was developed to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in the geology of strategic metal deposits and their effective development. The program goal is to train highly qualified specialists and teams professionals in the field of uranium geology, prepared for professional activities, taking into account modern economic relations. Along with this, these specialists will be able to use advanced technologies, equipment, and knowledge to conduct their professional duties.


Degree title                           

Master of Science in Geology of Strategic Metal Deposits

Duration2 academic years
Application deadline10.08 (fall semester)
Contact for application issues

International Admission Office (preferably)

E-mail: omrs@tpu.ru

Tel: +7 (3822) 60-64-76

Online Application

Program contacts:

Division for Geology

Learning output

This program equips students with all the necessary skills and knowledge, allowing them to:

  • conduct exploration, analysis, and selection of the most profitable mining technologies
  • create models of deposits of mineral resources for assessing the reliability of mineral reserves and choice of conditional parameters
  • collect, analyze and summarize geological, geochemical, geophysical, radiometric, and other data
  • improve existing and develop new methods for studying ores, exploration, geological, and economic assessment of deposits
  • calculate deposits of raw materials and related components
  • prepare and implement project activities, related to the direct competencies


The program curriculum includes:

  • Professional English
  • Modern Economic and Managerial Issues, related to Geological Exploration and Subsoil Use
  • Computer Technologies in Geology
  • History and Methodology of Geological Sciences
  • Modern Problems of Geology
  • Geochemistry of Elements and Processes
  • Geophysical Methods and Data Interpretation in Exploration and Development of Mineral Deposits
  • Rational Methodology for Forecasting, Exploring, Assessing Resources and Calculating Reserves of Mineral Deposits
  • Scientific Fundraising
  • Production Management
  • R&D Practice
  • Mineralogy and Research Methods of Strategic Metals

  • Industrial-Genetic Types of Deposits of Strategic Metals

  • Radioactive Elements in Environment and Problems of Radioecology

  • Technology of Drilling Exploitation Wells during Development of Deposits of Strategic Metals by Method of Underground Leaching

  • Fundamentals of Technologies for Extraction and Processing of Nuclear Raw Materials

  • and others


Areas of expertise and employment

The program graduates will have all necessary knowledge and skills to conduct research activities related to the solution of geological problems; activities exploration and mining of mineral raw materials; related to environmental monitoring and environmental issues; and work at educational institutions.

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