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Tomsk University actively collaborates with Russian and international R&D and industrial organizations. This allows training highly qualified specialists for a wide range of enterprises of the nuclear fuel cycle, energy, engineering and other high-tech industries capable (depending on their academic profile):

  • develop and apply new methods for experimental studies of the structure and properties of condensed substances
  • use a computational experiment as a tool for implementing mathematical modeling and apply studies results in practice
  • work at enterprises engaged in the manufacture of high-tech products, requiring application of plasma and radiation technologies
  • conduct research activities in the field of physics and fields related action of plasma and charged particle beams on matter
  • carry out operation, preventive maintenance and diagnostics of equipment at enterprises for the liquefaction of natural gas

Solid fundamental knowledge of our graduates is combined with practical skills and thereby ensuring their employment. Along with this, Tomsk Polytechnic University possesses the following facility for training:


  • vacuum ion-plasma unit for researching and designing technologies for modifying materials for space, energy, and optical industries
  • set of vacuum plasma equipment for laboratory and research activities on the study of plasma magnetron sources
  • vacuum ion-plasma unit for modification of materials for their application in tribotechnology, metallurgy, and others fields
  • modified device of high-frequency magnetron sputtering
  • tallysurf Model 120 stylus profiler profilometer-profilograph and NanoScan microscope-nanohardness meter
  • AvaSpec 3648 USB2 and spectrometer AvaSpec 2048
  • and many others

Degree title                           

Master of Science in Beam and Plasma Technologies

Duration2 academic years
Application deadline10.08 (fall semester)
Contact for application issues

International Admission Office (preferably)

E-mail: omrs@tpu.ru

Tel: +7 (3822) 60-64-76

Online Application

Program contacts:

The Weinberg Research Center

Learning output

The program was designed to equip students with necessary skills, allowing them to:

  • work in the areas of materials science, nanotechnology, nuclear energy, energy-saving technologies, and others
  • conduct research in the field of interaction of plasma and charged particle beams with matter, in the areas of nanotechnology, and materials science, and others
  • develop technologies for modifying surface properties of bulk materials and products and create fully automated equipment for implementing these technologies
  • conduct international R&D projects and participate in international academic discussion and activities


The program curriculum includes the following subjects:

  • Plasma Chemistry
  • Modern Problems of Technical Physics
  • Fundamentals of Plasma and Radiation Technologies
  • Solid State Radiation Physics
  • Production and Use of Pulsed Charged Particle Beams
  • Professional English
  • Studying Methods of Fuel Cell Characteristics
  • Modern Technologies in Microelectronics
  • Production Technology of Hydrogen Energy Elements
  • Application of Plasma and Beams in Atomic and Space Industries
  • Solid Polymer Fuel Cells
  • Plasma and Beam Technologies in Hydrogen Energy
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Mathematical Modeling in Technical Physics
  • Information Technology in Technical Physics
  • and others

Areas of expertise and employment

The graduates of the program -  Beam and Plasma Technologies will be in demand and will be able to easily find a job at research institutions, high-tech enterprises, operating in the fields of hydrogen energy, space industry, electronics, materials science, and others, in both Russia and in foreign countries (for example, China, India, Korea, and etc.)

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