It is almost time your child will leave home to study at a university. It is crucially important you together choose the best university possible, safe, interesting, with internationally recognized diploma and excellent opportunities for the future. University admission process is a bold step for children where parent emotional support and knowledge are essential. That is why you can find here up-to-date information about the admission process, the University, the city, and the country. This information allows easing decision and admission process so you can focus on the student years of your child awaiting ahead, and a great future beyond the University walls.    

How to apply?

On this page you will find a step-by-step guide to apply for a program at TPU.



 Tomsk Polytechnic University is one of the oldest and most renowned university in Russia. It was founded in 1896 and since then it plays important role in Russian and international science and education, training renowned scientists and public figures. Here you may find full information about the University history.

TPU participates in a state program 5-100 for maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market. What does it mean? TPU receives more funding and constantly improve quality of education programs, conducts international research, and actively collaborates with international companies and universities. It increases the student chances for further successful internship or employment and allows them to choose double-degree Master programs or 2+2 Bachelor degree programs, or  conducted with different international university, or participate in academic exchange. Another important aspect is TPU campus and halls of residence. The University is developing its campus making it more usable by as many people as possible, including for students and faculties with disabilities.

Tomsk at a Glance



 The University provides exchange students and international students with comfort accommodation in Halls of residence. Accommodation fee is quite reasonable. If you decided to rent a room or an apartment in the city your child has to consult International Student Department, it provides support in this case.

Who can help?

 After arrival, the University buddy will help international students in daily business. Leaving home for long time is a great stress, so the Buddy Building Club carries out different fests and cultural activities. You child will not feel boring, we promise. In addition, there is International Student Department where all international students can find support and consultation.

Medical service

 All international students are required to obtain health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay at the University. On-campus medical assistance includes initial treatment for illness or injury. All consultations are conducted in strict privacy and kept confidential.


 TPU is equipped with advance security system and CCTV. Above all, Tomsk is among Russian cities with the lowest criminal rate. The larger part of the population is study or work at universities; it indicates total level of education. It is safe place to live and to study.

Scholarships and funding

 The University provides international students with scholarships and grants. All requirements you can find here.

Tuition and Fees

 You need to consult with International Admission Office about cost of particular program, however here you may find general informational about the tuition and fees.


 You can visit your child in Tomsk but the University are not responsible for you visa and accommodation support. We would be glad to see you in our university.

Free time


 University is not only books and cramming, here our students can find whatever they want to do. Sport and culture clubs, volunteering center, and different student clubs. If they do not find a club they want, why can they found their own? We can help with that!

Presentation materials


International Admission Office

International Student Department

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