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We prepared a step-by-step instruction allowing you to easily apply to study at TPU.

 STEP 1. 
Visit pages of the University Bachelor, Master and PhD degree programs in Russian and English and choose one. There you can find contact information of the International Admission Office and programs’ divisions. They can provide you with detailed information about the programs’ content and admission requirements. Check application deadline!


Funding. The government of the Russian Federation provides international students with a special scholarship. However, on the internet, you can find other sources of funding like BP Scholarship, Gilman Scholarship, the School of Russian and Asian Studies, and many others.

Warning! The University does not bare liabilities for information content, posted on these sites and hereby does not take responsibilities in preparing documents for application to these grant programs, responsibilities and rights granted.

  STEP 3.

Complete online application form

  STEP 4. 

Send the copy of your international passport and the copy of educational documents in English or in Russian to an admission officer by e-mail: omrs@tpu.ru. Official answer about your admission will take about two weeks

 STEP 5. 

Pay the application fee of 75 EUR (non-refundable). Methods of payment.

  STEP 6. 

Wait for a visa support letter and the official letter of admission within 1 month after approval. These visa support documents give the right to apply for an entry visa at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your home country prior to arrival in Russia.

While waiting for the visa support letter and the official letter of admission:

  • contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country to get necessary information concerning the documents you may need to submit and collect all the necessary documents for getting visa.
  • send to an admission officer your contact information (postal address and phone number) so that we could send you visa support documents via regular post
    send to an admission officer your contact information (postal address and phone number) and transfer payment of the express delivery service so that we could send you the documents via express-post. Methods of payment

  STEP 7. 

Your visa support letter is valid for 90 days. The expiration date of the visa support letter and entrance visa is the same. You are obliged to arrive in Tomsk a month before the expiration date of the visa. After receiving the visa, send to an admission officer the information about your travel route (airline, flight number, arrival time, etc.) for him/her to organize the pick-up service. You are obliged to arrive in Tomsk 5 working days before the beginning of the classes, and not later than a month before the expiration date of the visa. Before coming to Russia, please, check weather conditions.

STEP 8. 

Please, save all the tickets and a Migration card (you'll get it on the intersection of the frontier) for submission to the University upon your arrival.

Right after arrival submit the following package of documents:

  • originals of the educational documents (legalized in a proper way),
  • international passport,
  • migration card,
  • 6 matte photos (3 х 4),
  • medical certificate proving the ability of a student to study (with obligatory marks of tuberculosis, Lepra, venereal diseases and malaria). On the arrival in Tomsk, you are obliged to make an HIV test.

International Admission Office

 Tomsk Polytechnic University, 30 Lenin Avenue, 634050, Tomsk, Russia

 Office 420, 4a Usov Street, 634050, Tomsk, Russia

 +7(3822) 60-64-76


 International Admission Office


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