Manager performs versatile creative work related to planning of company activities, distribution of tasks and responsibilities between subordinates, establishing and maintaining contacts with business partners. TPU trains highly qualified specialists for various areas of practical activity: production, trade, services, etc.


Graduates will be able to set goals for a company or a particular department, distribute tasks between subordinates, carry out team management and communication, and others. 

Degree title                           Bachelor of Science in Production Management
Duration4 academic years
Application deadline10.08 (fall semester)
Contact for application issues

International Admission Office (preferably)

E-mail: omrs@tpu.ru

Tel: +7 (3822) 60-64-76

Online Application

Learning output

After the program, graduates will be able to:

  • organize a new enterprise or production
  • launch production of new types of products
  • expand product range
  • implement advanced technological processes
  • improve production management
  • improve labor organization
  • and others


The program curriculum includes:

  • labor organization and regulation
  • marketing of innovations
  • production logistics
  • enterprise planning
  • pricing
  • business analysis
  • production management
  • enterprise innovation management
  • corporate governance
  • foreign language
  • and others

Areas of expertise and employment

The graduates will be able to work as:

  • business managers
  • deputy directors for production, economics, and/or finance
  • quality management auditors
  • project managers
  • specialists for logistics, procurement and/or supply
  • marketers
  • administration staff at various levels and areas
  • and others