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11.02.2016 Science

Medical treatment based on nano-particle silver is developed by scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University. Pharmaceuticals provide multipurpose effect against viruses, bacteria and fungi. One of the pharmaceuticals “Argovit” has been already tested at 25 different diseases and released in a form of parapharmaceuticals. It can be used at flu treatment as well.

Photo: Prof Pestryakov at biochemical generator for medicine fabrication

One of the global challenges of modern medicine is that microorganism strains have learnt to adapt quickly to new drugs – they mutate and become more resistant to medicines. The first penicillin-resistant strain appeared 42 years later, now new antibiotic-resistant strain is registered 4-6 months later.

Prof Alexei Pestryakov, head of the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry said: “Harmful microorganisms are not resistant to silver yet. Preparations on its basis have a universal effect on bacteria, viruses and fungi. In different conditions our preparations cope with wide range of pathogens.”

Tomsk scientists obtain industrially nanoparticles for antimicrobial preparation from silver nitrate.

“At present over 100 kinds of these drugs. But their efficiency significantly varies depending on technology.”: said the scientist.

Some silver medications have some degree of toxicity therefore they have a limited range of application (i.e. only ointment form). Alternatively, preparations contain a very small part of silver nanoparticles and hence the effect on the microorganisms is decreased.

“Silver obtained by us is non-toxic to the body in a wide dosage range. Additionally, allergic reactions have not revealed. In comparison with the fifth-generation antibiotics our preparation are much cheaper. ”

Prof Alexei Pestryakov

For the production of the silver-based drugs the polytechnicers along with a partner company Vector-Vita apply own unique methods among which using particle accelerator. Systems and solutions obtained at a special facility – biochemical generator- are non-toxic and have a long shelf life – up to two years.

Argovit is sold in a number of Russian cities. The preparation is made in form of a dietary supplement, ointments, gels and even cosmetics for skin disinfection.

In the future is planned to certify their development as a drug.

“Certification of a drug in the medicine category is a long and expensive process. But I believe eventually we will be able to go through all the necessary procedures”: said Alexei Pestryakov. The development of the unique silver-based preparation involves a team of scientists from TPU, Novosibirsk, Spain and National Autonomous Mexico University, Mexico.

“Our colleagues from Mexico are especially interested, we are long-term partners with them. A few contracts have been signed, the government allocated large grants for research. We are actively cooperating with local scientists and doctors. For more than 10 years we have built a strong team.” – said the professor.

For instance, the scientists from Tomsk and Mexico come up with how to treat diabetic foot syndrome. Useful nano-particle silver contributes to reducing amputation risk.

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