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09.01.2018 University life

A new association The Student Science Society (SSS) will be opened in February 2018 at Tomsk Polytechnic University. It is established for the first- and second-year students, as well as for university entrants who want to be engaged in research and innovative projects. Members will have opportunities to work in leading research teams of the University and dedicated groups will carry out tasks by the order of TPU partner companies.



The organizers of the society are fourth-year students Alina Tatolina (School of Nuclear Science & Engineering) and Ivan Vatlin (School of Advanced Manufacturing Technology).

Alina Tatolina shares her plans:


‘We have already begun to form the SSS starting team. Currently, we prepare all necessary documents.’


SSS organizers note that senior schoolchildren are often involved in science at the TPU Center for Entertainment Sciences Sklad Uma or at school even before the university and when they come to the University, this process is interrupted since students mainly do research from the third year of study. Indeed, there are research teams at the University, which recruit freshmen but the beginners often don’t know where to get relevant information. SSS will be the starting point of that kind.


In the new society, students will get the necessary information about research fields of each TPU department. Orientation activities are planned to introduce research teams. In addition, students will master practical skills in writing scientific works, participating in conferences and much other knowledge needed for a young scientist.


Students will work with different research groups and acquire various interdisciplinary competencies.


Ivan Vatlin explains: ‘Now scientific work implies an interdisciplinary approach. Sometimes it is necessary to assess experimental processes and data obtained from a different perspective. People working or studying various fields such as mathematics, physics, materials science or IT can help. From the beginning of university study, students will be able to determine the most interesting science field for them. As a result, by the third year of study, we will have formed beginner scientists. If we take a wider look, we hope that a community of young scientists will emerge at TPU, closely working with each other at the intersection of different sciences.’


Ivan and Alina note that they have already shared their plans with the supervisors of students’ scientific and research works of their schools and they supported this initiative.


Ivan adds: ‘In reality, our scientists often do not have enough hands in daily work, which a beginner can easily handle. It is necessary to seek for students who would like to do science. In this case, scientific leaders will apply the Society to find talented and enthusiastic assistants. Our Society will serve as a bridge linking interested students and scientists.’

The Student Science Society will cooperate with the TPU Scientific Career Center.

In 2018, they plan to get in touch with TPU partner enterprises and individual organizations in Tomsk.

If you are interested in joining the Student science Society, contact its organizers in the Vkontakte social network: Alina Tatolina and Ivan Vatlin

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