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14.11.2017 Awards

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin expressed his recognition for Merits in the Development of Science and Education, Training of Highly-Qualified Specialists, Long-Term Conscientious Work to the head of TPU Nuclear Reactor Laboratory No.31 Victor Skuridin and the head of the TPU Information and Analytics Office Olga Kovalenko. The corresponding order was posted at the official website of the President.

Photo: Professor Viktor Skuridin in the TPU Nuclear Reactor Laboratory No.31

The recognition of the President of the Russian Federation is a formal acknowledgement for merits in economy, science, culture, arts, education, sports, charity and other activities. It can be either individual or extended for the whole staff of a company or an institution.


Prof Viktor Skuridin has worked at TPU since 1969. His direct involvement and participation in various experiments on the university reactor, the Russia’s only nuclear facility operated by a university, contributed to the design of a non-waste technology for manufacturing sorption technetium-99m generators, which are supplied to clinics in Siberia and the Urals. The production is established in the alignment with GMP international standards.


Under supervision and direct participation of Viktor Skuridin, many R&D experiments were conducted on the R-7M cyclotron at TPU. Here, for the first time in the world TPU scientists developed a technology to obtain tallium-199 radionuclide and two diagnostic products for cardiology, as well as iodine-123 radionuclide and four its radiopharmaceuticals. These pharmaceuticals are supplied to clinics in Tomsk and Novosibirsk. Currently, together with his colleagues from the Tomsk Research Institute of Oncology and the Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology Viktor Skuridin is implementing R&D works within the priority areas of Development of the Russian Scientific and Technological Complex for 2014-2020.


Photo: Dr Olga Kovalenko


Olga Kovalenko has been working at TPU for more than 40 years. Her office is in charge of planning and execution of all scientific research and R&D works at the university, as well as coordination of scientific activities of all university divisions. She is also responsible for the formation and supervision of municipal, regional, inter-regional, inter-university, federal and international programs and grants in the field of science and technology. As a result of this enormous effort the university hosts 21 international research laboratories operating with direct involvement of scientists from Armenia, China, Germany, Iceland, Israel and the USA.

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