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20.10.2017 Awards

Professor Olga Gromova of the Department of General Physics, Tomsk Polytechnic University, became the winner of Fellowships Women in Science: a joint project of UNESCO and L’Oreal which is implemented in Russia under the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Science. This year, 10 Russian women scientists will receive fellowships, each in the amount of 500,000 rubles, to continue their research. They will also represent Russia at the international competition.




The L'OREAL-UNESCO fellowships are intended for women scientists with PhD, aged under 35, working at Russian research institutions and universities in the field of physics, chemistry, medicine and biology. Scientific portfolios of the winners were selected by an expert jury which includes academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).


Olga Gromova researches fundamental properties of polyatomic molecules using high-resolution spectroscopy.


‘There are billions of people in the world and each of us has completely unique fingerprints. Molecules also have their own ‘fingerprints’, i.e. spectra. This is a set of frequencies at which a substance absorbs or emits light. In nature, there are no two molecules with the same spectra.


The more complex the molecule, the more complex its spectrum and the more atoms it has. In fact, it provides actually full information on the molecule: its structure, qualitative and quantitative characteristics of intramolecular interactions, interaction between molecules and so on. In the hands of scientists, this data allows addressing the most critical basic and applied issues. For example, the whole astrophysics is based on spectra that are used by researchers to draw conclusions on the atmosphere of other planets, the composition of stars and other celestial bodies,’ says Olga Gromova.


Being engaged in science since the third year of study, to date Olga works on international scientific projects, she is the winner of fellowship and grant competitions. They include grants of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for young scientists, Dynasty Foundation, Swiss Chemical Society, DAAD, the President of the Russian Federation and many others.


 ‘At TPU I work in a research group led by Prof. Oleg Ulenekov, our group is one of the world’s leaders in the field of molecular high-resolution spectroscopy. I, both in person and in co-authorship with colleagues, obtained a number of significant advances, developed new highly efficient techniques for spectrum studies, created analysis algorithms and software. We conducted extensive studies of about 40 polyatomic molecules,’ notes Olga Gromova.


Data on the spectra are recorded in the international databases which are available for scientists from different countries.


Olga Gromova together with her colleagues replenished world databases with information on over 100,000 lines of various molecules.


The awarding ceremony for winners of L'OREAL-UNESCO Fellowships Women in Science will take place on December 4, 2017 in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

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