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04.09.2017 University life

Yesterday over 3,500 first-year students from Tomsk Polytechnic University and Tomsk State University joined together at the Polytechnic Stadium to celebrate the Freshmen Holiday 2017. New students were welcomed by the rectors of both universities, warmed up with famous UDI dance team, shook their hands, danced to the music of different generations and competed in eleven sports.

The event began with the parade of universities where representatives of two universities marched along the Polytechnic Stadium with flags of their institutes and departments. The parade led by directors and deans was accompanied with stories about history and achievements of TPU and TSU. TPU rector Petr Chubik and TSU rector Eduard Galazhinsky welcomed Tomsk students from the stage. 

As TPU rector Petr Chubik said, “the first thing that he noticed during the parade is that all those students are our future. They are first-year students of only two Tomsk universities, and there are six higher schools in our city which are ready to join this event in the future. In everything we do we strongly rely on three words: Cooperation, Consolidation and Competition, especially what concerns relations between TPU and TSU, but never Confrontation! Today we all shake hands to symbolize that we are competitors on the arena and friends for life.”

TSU rector Eduard Galazhinsky added that the Freshmen Holiday has several meanings and scopes.

“There are many things that unite our universities, - said TSU rector – and despite competition, we realize the importance of professional relations between us. The purpose of today’s event is to create conditions for all of you to be part of this huge university family. Professions change but whatever is laid during students years – relations, friendship, communication, and respect towards the interest of others – will stay for life and form the basis for professional and personal success”.

After the official ceremony all participants of the event enjoyed dances with UDI team that united over 3,500 people.

Being energized the students participated in dance competition and demonstrated their dance skills in lambada, macarena and other famous dances. At the same time teams of two universities competed in annual sports multiathlon, including shuttle run, jumping rope, darts, football, kettlebells, push-ups, hockey, volleyball, etc. The students demonstrated outstanding results. For instance, Anastasiya Koryagina from TPU became the winner in jumping rope where she made 525 jumps per 3 minutes. 

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