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17.08.2017 Society

Student Flight Control Center (FCC) of Tomsk Polytechnic University got in touch with the International Space Station on the eve of launching Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite into Earth’s orbit. According to TPU FCC, a communication session with ISS was held during the technical preparation of the center’s equipment for receiving signals which the satellite will transmit once it is launched into outer space.


The launch of the Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite will take place today, on August 17. According to Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency), the spacewalk of Russian cosmonauts is scheduled from 17:45 to 23:50 MSK.

The satellite will be orbiting from four to six months. Various sensors will record the temperature of the board, plates and batteries, electronics data. It will also transmit greetings to Earth inhabitants, recorded by students of the University in 11 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Tatar, Indian, Kazakh, Hindi and Portuguese. The greeting signal will be transmitted every minute at the frequency 437.025 MHz.


‘On the eve of launching the satellite our young specialists prepared and tested the equipment. They tested the operation of antennas, tracking systems and signal transmission. In particular, they watched the ISS and tried to connect with the crew,’ says Alexey Golikov, Laboratory Head of the Department of Precision Instrument Making.

‘The connection with the International Space Station was a success. We talked to Sergey Ryazanskiy. The cosmonaut confirmed that theTomsk-TPU-120 satellite is ready for launching into outer space.’


To say more, Student Flight Control Center was established at TPU in 2015. It is intended for student training. Using the equipment of FCC they may receive signals from the ISS, satellites and their telemetry, i.e. operation data of the systems. TPU FCC has its call sign – R9HP, where R stands for Russia, 9H –Tomsk Region, P – Tomsk Polytechnic University.


In May 2016, TPU celebrated its 120th anniversary. FCC received signals from the satellite installed on the ISS. It transmitted a greeting to TPU community recorded by international students. On 7 December 2016 TPU students and their guest cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin got in touch with the ISS crew and addressed several questions to the crew members.

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