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02.08.2017 International Students

Danni U from China graduated from the double degree program of Tomsk Polytechnic University and Shenyang Ligong University (SLU). The program implies two academic years at the Chinese university and two following academic years at TPU. On completion of the program students are awarded two diplomas, that is of Russian and Chinese universities. Danni studied Control in Engineering Systems at TPU and defended her graduation work devoted to Choosing a Model for Engineering Systems Reliability in Mathcad Package Based on Operational Data with the highest scores. The graduate told the News Office about difficulties of studying abroad and support provided by Russian students.



‘I am from a small town Yingkou near Shenyang. When I entered the university I was offered to apply to a double degree program. I managed to do it,’ says Danni U. ‘Then I started to learn Russian. Of course, in China we learnt only basic vocabulary and already in Tomsk we immersed ourselves in the language environment. All classes were run in Russian and it was difficult for us to keep up with lecturers. But I really like the atmosphere at TPU – both professors and Russian students were very helpful.’

Now Danni speaks Russian fluently, but she recognizes that professional vocabulary is still hard to learn.

‘I see my progress. However, Chinese students have to use dictionaries all the time but sometimes there are no such words even there,’ shares Danni.

The fact that I can learn Russian makes me believe in my strength. In general, the participation in this program gave me more than knowledge, I became much more confident.

It was not just a four-year study in my city, I flew thousands of kilometers, I lived in a different country and studied a different language. This is experience is absolutely valuable.’

During her study at TPU the girl found a new hobby, i.e. skiing and ice skating.

‘I live in the north of China; therefore, Siberian weather has never scarred me. In winter I really like skiing and ice skating. What else, I saw polar lights. It was amazing. I travelled together with my sister to three cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Murmansk. We went to Murmansk to see polar lights. We waited for several hours and eventually we were lucky!’     

Danni plans to continue her education in the master’s program. She also considers postgraduate studies for the future.

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