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26.07.2017 University life

Professor Evgeniya Sheremet (H-index – 8) and Professor Raul Rodriguez (H-index – 10) who previously worked in Germany jointed the Department of Lasers and Lighting Engineering of the TPU Institute of High Technology Physics. Within the scope of TPU research they will develop new methods of nano-spectroscopy. Such methods allow getting complete information on chemical composition of nanomaterials with a spatial resolution of less than 10 nanometers. The researchers came to Tomsk Polytechnic University within the 120 New Names of TPU program.



Professor Raul Rodriguez was born in Venezuela where he received his bachelor degree. At the University of Sorbonne (France) he completed his master and postgraduate studies and became an expert in the field of atomic-force microscopy and spectroscopy. Professor Evgeniya Sheremet earned her bachelor and master degrees at Novosibirsk State Technical University (Russia). Pursuing PhD course and working later in Germany, she together with Prof. Rodriguez designed a nano-Raman spectroscopy facility on the basis of plasmonic nanoantennas.

‘At TPU we will further explore optical nanospectroscopy and develop plasmonic and sensory materials for optics and optoelectronics. In fact, conventional optical spectroscopy produces a commensurate resolution with microscopy, i.e. hundreds of nanometers or microns. If you want to see defects, for example, in nanotubes, you won’t notice them as nanotubes are much smaller. Nanospectroscopy makes it possible to detect such defects and indicate their location with an accuracy of 10 nanometers,’ says Evgeniya Sheremet.

Currently the scientists get acquainted with other researchers and laboratory equipment of the university.

‘Indeed, new installations will be required for the development of nanospectroscopy, but here we have already seen many interesting facilities, especially pulse light sources, and materials for nanospectroscopy analysis,’

says Evgeniya.

Raul Rodriguez and Evgeniya Sheremet are going to form a research team at TPU and now they invite talented postgraduate students to join them.

‘We invite smart and curious PhD students. Knowledge of English will be an advantage,’ says Prof. Rodriguez. – ‘We chose TPU since we believe it has a huge potential. TPU has great ambitions to enter the top-100 world universities. I am also very ambitious and hope that my work will contribute to achieving this challenging objective.’

For more information on the research area and criteria to join the team please visit the TPU website. CVs and portfolios shall be submitted to jane.sheremet@gmail.com (Evgeniya Sheremet) and raulmet@gmail.com (Raul Rodriguez).

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