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24.07.2017 International Students

Sakib Muhammad is the first graduate student of Tomsk Polytechnic University from Pakistan. This year he has finished his master’s degree in High Voltage Technology of Grids with honors at the Institute of High Technology Physics and was awarded two medals, i.e. a bronze medal For Merits To TPU and a golden medal For Academic Achievements.



Sakib’s mother language is Urdu; however, he speaks English fluently and learns Russian.

‘My father makes his career in civil service and for this reason our family moved a lot from one city to another in Pakistan and other countries of the Middle East. So I can speak Arabic, but not very fluently. I began to learn Russian only in Tomsk. I can’t say that Russian is a difficult language. But it is hard to study professional vocabulary,’ says Sakib Muhammad.

Sakib is not only an excellent student, but also a young researcher carrying out his research work at the university. Moreover, his research activities have been noted by international scientists. From the very first day of study he jointed a research group investigating phenomena in the vacuum arc of high-current discharge in relation to high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker. Such circuit breakers are widely used in the field of power engineering.

He independently designed a system for generating a longitude magnetic field between two contacts of a vacuum arc chamber based on Helmholtz coils. The system created by Sakib is used in experiments at the Institute of Power Engineering.  

‘The heart of a circuit breaker is a vacuum arc chamber which cannot be repaired, so it should work for about 30 years without fails. In the department I had an opportunity to work with a superfast camera with the help of which I captured optical phenomena inside the vacuum arc chamber. It helped me to better understand the behavior of arc,’ explains the student. ‘Data obtained, makes it possible to design new vacuum arc chambers, improve the reliability of circuit breakers and increase their service life. Researchers from Slovakia have already got interested in my work.’

Now Sakib faces a dilemma which is to continue working on his PhD or to work.   

‘I plan to work in the field of my study abroad, not in Pakistan. Currently I am on the stage of interviews.

I was also offered to stay for PhD study at TPU or go to Slovakia,’ says the graduate.

According to Sakib, he will definitely miss Russia and Tomsk Polytechnic University, especially his friends and professors.

‘I chose TPU among other universities as there was a master program in English interesting to me. Eventually, I do not regret. I am completely satisfied with the education quality. Another thing is that I am a student from Pakistan who came to Siberia wearing light clothes, when it was already cold and I knew nothing about the city,’ recalls Sakib.

‘Everyone tried to help me, including teachers, managerial staff and students. I would especially like to thank my scientific advisor Prof. Valeriy Lavrinovich and engineer Boris Ubiennykh. To say more, the greatest discovery for me is Russian people.’ 

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