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22.06.2017 International Projects

Astana Expo 2017 the main theme of which is Energy of Future is running these days. Tomsk Polytechnic University is the only Russian university represented in the permanent exposition of Russia. TPU exhibits two developments – a solar panel control system and a mobile facility for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. On June 21, TPU delegation headed by Rector Petr Chubik attended the Russian exposition.

The Russian exposition is dedicated to the Arctic.

‘Since our main objective in the framework of Expo is to reveal the topic of finding the energy balance, it is the Arctic that is the best appropriate for both the central theme of the Russian exposition and for the background in which Russian regions can demonstrate their capabilities in energy sector. <…>


In the Russian pavilion several participants present the latest solutions and developments in the field of solar energy and water energy. For example, Tomsk Polytechnic University exhibits two developments: a solar panel control system and a mobile facility for the treatment of domestic and industrial waste water,’


said Georgy Kalamanov, the general commissioner of Russia at Expo, in the interview to Gazeta.ru.


Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University developed a solar panel control system that allows the solar panel to turn to the Sun, focusing on its position. This increases the effectiveness of energy harvesting. The scientists also created a system for energy accumulation and conversion, in which all electronics and mechatronics can operate at low negative temperatures – up to minus 50 degree.


University facility for the treatment of wastewater based on an electron accelerator can simultaneously pure and disinfect water earlier used in households and businesses. In the world practice one use constant electron accelerators to purify water and their operation is associated with high energy consumption and, the most particular, the protection from harmful to people intensive X-ray radiation.


The application of a pulsed accelerator does not require any high costs and protective structures out of concrete and lead boards. In fact, in the polluted water there is a process of self-purification – certain chemical reactions are triggered without additional reagents, for instance, hydrogen peroxide – a compound famous for its disinfecting properties. The complex operates automatically so it can be located in remoted areas.

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