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16.06.2017 Visitors

Tomsk Polytechnic University hosted the delegation of the Henan University of Science and Technology (China). Members of the delegation visited the laboratories of the University and  learnt major achievement of TPU scientists in the field of robotics and materials science. TPU plans to establish international research teams in these directions together with foreign colleagues from China.


HUST delegations consisted of four scientific groups: scientists of the Center for Wear Resistant Materials, the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, the Institute of Information Engineering and the Institute of Mechatronics. Each group arrived to TPU to find joint research opportunities with the Institute of High Technology Physics and the Institute of Cybernetics.


‘We have been cooperating with Tomsk Polytechnic University for over a year. Earlier we agreed to cooperate on academic issues, now we plan to carry out joint scientific research as well.


The main objective of our visit is to evaluate the research potential of Tomsk Polytechnic University and outline further plans for cooperation. We believe the goals of our universities coincide in many aspects therefore we are here,’ said Prof Han Jianhai, Director of the HUST Institute of Mechatronics.


Scientists of HUST and the Institute of High Technology Physics are going to develop several areas of scientific cooperation: the manufacturing of nanomaterials including those with predetermined structures and discharge technology for the treatment of water and air. Academic mobility programs and summer and winter schools for Chinese students will be arrange with the support of the Institute of High Technology Physics.


The Institute of Cybernetics plans to start cooperation with foreign colleagues within four pilot projects in the field of robotics and mechatronics.

‘Our meeting resulted in a pool of projects for joint cooperation. They are both completely new and ongoing pilot projects which we are going to implement with the colleagues from HUST.

In particular, one of the projects is devoted to the design of mechatronic modules for robotic manipulators.

The modules proposed for design should feature high positioning accuracy, low slope and the ability to retain high dynamic characteristics,’ told Sergey Mikhalevich, Head of the Science and Innovation Development Office of the Institute of Cybernetics.  


In addition, the universities plan to submit governmental applications for joint research in the chosen areas. In 2018, TPU will implement master programs for students of the Henan University of Science and Technology.

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