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19.05.2017 University life

Tonight, 19 May 2017 Science Night is scheduled within the U-NOVUS Forum in Tomsk. Scientific laboratories will open their doors from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. In Tomsk Polytechnic University six laboratories will be available to visitors.

In the Laser Technology Laboratory (247, 250 rooms, 12 Timakov st.,) visitors will learn how laser radiation creates non-erasable images on any material – metals, plastics or minerals. They will see with their own eyes how lasers draw graphic pictures.

The Modern Production Technology Center (2a Lenin av., TPU Science Park) will show the creation of a full cycle of additive technologies in one place. Here ink for 3D-printing is developed, devices are designed and facilities for non-destructive testing in real time are created.

Another location of Science Night in TPU will be the Physics and Technology Online Laboratory (339 room, 2 Lenin av.).

Vladimir Kurochkin, an assistant of the Department of Electronics and Automation of Physical Facilities says:

‘We will teach to control a manipulator arm and a tower crane from a tablet – it’s certainly not in full size, but about a meter in height.’

In the Industrial Robotics Laboratory (109 room, TPU Science Park, 2a, Lenin av.) visitors will get acquainted with mobile robotics and stationary industrial robots.

Tomsk RASA Center (202 room, TPU Science Park, 2a, Lenin av.) will open a laboratory where modern medications are created.

Professor Andrey Khlebnikov, the Department of Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry tells:

‘We will show our guests pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and demonstrate how drugs are created. Also, you’ll see how drug molecules interact with biological target in the body.’

A model of a modern chemical hydrometallurgical plant will be exhibited in the Engineering Center for Technology of Inorganic Materials (106 room, 11th building, 2a Lenin av.).

Entrance to all locations of Science Night is free. A complete list of laboratories participating in the project is available at the website of U-NNOVUS.

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