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12.05.2017 Cooperation

Future Chemistry Network Center was presented at Tomsk Polytechnic University on 10 May 2017. The Center was established by TPU chemists and their international colleagues – leading experts in Green Chemistry - who are jointly developing eco-sound technologies to make chemical industry safer for the environment. The scientists are also elaborating new ‘smart’ materials for extreme conditions, in particular for the Arctic.


The Center unites specialists from Russia, the USA, Great Britain and France which have fruitful partnership relations.

‘Green Chemistry is basic research that underpins technologies geared to reduce the negative impact of chemical industry on the environment. Tomsk Polytechnic University is the leader in this scientific area in Russia.

In fact, many universities carry out piecemeal research in this field. Contrary to them, we are applying comprehensive approaches that give groundbreaking outcomes. In addition, we are implementing joint scientific projects with leading specialists in this area,’ said Mekhman Yusubov, the head of the Center and the Department of Organic Substances and Polymers.

Tomsk Polytechnic University brought together such leading experts on Green Chemistry as Professor Thomas Wirth, Cardiff University (UK), Professor Francis Verpoort, the University of Ghent (Belgium), Professor Akira Yoshimura from the Southern Methodist University (USA), Professor François-Xavier Felpin, the University of Nantes (France), Director of Favorsky Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry, SB RAS (Russia) Andrey Ivanov and Professor Viktor Zhdankin, the University of Minnesota Duluth (USA). 

‘We are collaborating with Tomsk Polytechnic University. The goal of our joint activity is the development of technology to replace toxic environmentally-unfriendly heavy metals in chemistry, engineering, specifically in organic synthesis and pharmaceutic industry. Heavy metals are applied as catalysts in critical reactions and our goal is to replace them with the iodine which is completely non-toxic. We have already proved that some reactions for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals with anticancer activity successfully run with iodine,’ noted Professor Viktor Zhdankin, the University of Minnesota Duluth (USA).

Photo: Professor Mekhman Yusubov, Professor Thomas Wirth and Professor Viktor Zhdankin

In the framework of the Center the scientists are going to continue joint scientific research and develop academic exchange programs for students and young scientists.

‘We apply iodine both for the replacement of heavy metals and the invention of new chemical reactions. In this regard, iodine is a very promising element.

In future, these reactions will be applied in the creation of new drugs and materials. Notably, that the cooperation of our universities has not only scientific reasons but academic background as well. Students from Tomsk come to Great Britain, our students come to TPU,’ said Professor Thomas With, Cardiff University (UK).

The international chemists also gave open lectures on Green Chemistry for TPU students.

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