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One of the key goals of Tomsk Polytechnic University is improving the quality of life both at the national and international level. Every year academic staff and students put forward ideas, aimed to achieve this goal. Below we want to provide our latest projects, which have stepped beyond blueprints and currently are being tested at regional and national-wide.  

The Clean Water initiative

69 Tomsk settlements with 56,5 thousand rural residents received access to safe drinking water

All countries of the world are more or less familiar with the problem of clean water scarcity and according to the expert, the situation with the freshwater will deteriorate. TPU understands these trends and conducts active research in this area. In 2016, the University began to work on a problem of qualified clean water for small settlements and rural areas of the Tomsk Region. By now TPU developed and jointly with Tomsk Administration have placed 70 local water treatment complexes with a capacity of 1.5 cubic meters of purified water per hour in 69 Tomsk settlements. In 2017, about 56,5 thousand rural residents have received access to safe drinking water. The complex is totally green and chemical-free. Currently, the complex is being tested in the extreme north with temperature up to -56С°, where large-scale treatment plants are inefficient. The complex size is 10х5х2.5м.

The water treatments complexes were developed based on green and chemical-free technologies

Nowadays Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Novgorod regions, and Kazakhstan have expressed their interest in this technology. That is why the University is constantly upgrading the complex and plans to expand into new markets.

You can receive additional information about water-treatment technologies on the site of the TPU R&D Center.


Printing 3D hearts models with high resolution

Original green technologies for the production of phosphorus-32 and technetium-99m for medicine application

Production of radiopharmaceuticals for early diagnosis of oncological and cardiological disease

Special implants coating

Original bioresorbable implants

Original 3D printer for production of customized implants with low rejection rate

A universal medicine against the flu

Ultrafine powders of iron oxide for targeted drug delivery

Cheap and efficient personal arrhythmia tracker

Technology for treating diabetic foot syndrome

Device for safe cataract removal operation

Support of people with disabilities and special needs.


Robotic arm

An accessible environment in the University and the city

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