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General Information


Ensure wide dissemination of knowledge and information through their transformation into digital educational products, using of e-learning and development of a comfortable environment for scientific communication, training, and creativity throughout life in preferable place and time.



1.    Support educational process by modern, highly-qualified, popular digital educational resources, their development, production, and upgrading.
2.    Provide students and academic staff with comfortable conditions in both virtual and real classrooms for their educational and research activities, exchange of scientific experience, methodological work, and cooperation.
3.    Apply of digital educational technologies for delivering the core educational programs, additional professional, and advanced training programs.
4.    Advancing the University academic reputation and its brand through publication and following promotion of its digital educational resources.
5.    Preservation, dissemination, and protection of the intellectual property of the University students and staff; unique cultural, educational and scientific heritage; providing access to internal and external catalogs, collection, archives, and their management.
6.    Ensure recruitment and support of full-time and part-time students, and trainees of advanced training courses;

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