Georgiy Osokin


Office 230, Main Building (30, Lenina avenue, Tomsk)

+7 (3822) 606150 ext 2324

General Information

Within its competencies the office provides the University units with broad support in matter of search and establishment of contacts with international partners and further development of research, education, and commercial cooperation.

In strategic projects the office ensures overall coordination of the University units international activities, that means:

  • organizational support of visits of international partners to TPU (preparation of visiting program, delegation support, interaction with the media, and related functions)
  • preparation and signing of international treaties and cooperation agreements on behalf of the University
  • representation of TPU in international university consortia as a member of these organizations
  • interaction with international scientific and education structures (associations, councils, commissions, and etc.), and diplomatic offices
  • ensure participation of TPU in key international events, related to strengthening the University reputation and reaching excellence in international academic and research communities

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