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Evgeny Korobov

Исполняющий обязанности руководителя

Office 1, Hall of Residence № 1 (2, Kirova avenue, Tomsk)

+7 (3822) 705685 ext 6825

General Information

The office was established to fulfill the following functions:

  • organization and coordination of TPU information interaction with mass media at different levels
  • assistance in organization of the University events and their information support
  • publication of the newspaper За кадры (For the Cadres, Rus) and assistance in publication of the student newspaper Твоя (Yours, Rus)
  • information and content support of the University news portal, corporate network, and TPU web server
  • preparation of information and advertisement print and multimedia materials
  • coordination of the University image policy
  • development of corporate style
  • consultation of the University units in matter of public relations and promotion

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