Department of Geology and Oil Field Development

Oksana S. Chernova

Head of the Department 

Office 319, 5 Building, 2a Lenin Avenue

+7 (38-22) 56-43-45, 42-62-70

  • International Research and Education Laboratory of Raw Hydrocarbons Nanotechnology Treatment
Degree Programs offered
  21.03.01 Petroleum Engineering
  Oil-Recovery Engineering
  25.00.09 Geochemistry, Geochemical Methods of Exploration
  25.00.12 Geology, Exploration of Fuels
  25.00.17 Exploration and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields


Professional retraining in followings:

  • Exploration and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields - 1 year (Distance Learning)
  • Gas and Oil Geology (Distance Learning)

About the Department

This Department was opened in 1952. Since 1956 it prepares mining engineers in the field of Oil and Gas Geology (1,218 full-time specialists and 465 part-time specialists were trained). The educational program Exploration of Oil and Gas Drills is offered to engineers of both full-time (487 specialists) and part-time (347 specialists) educational forms. Bachelors and masters are offered Oil and Gas Studies (197 bachelors have graduated since 2004; and 10 masters since 2005). There are 37 teaching staff members, which include 8 professors and 14 associate professors. 

Both educational forms provide retraining courses for oil-and-gas specialists on Exploration of Oil and Gas Drills and Oil and Gas Studies.

Research is focused on the lithology of oil- and gas-bearing complexes, oil and gas geochemistry, drill hydrodynamics, underground hydrodynamics, methods for oil and gas exploration and development of electronic teaching systems.

The department is actively working in the field of training and advanced training oil and gas industry. Constantly improving educational - methodical basis for the implementation of these activities by means of Internet-technologies.